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ABA Therapy

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) is the process of systematically applying interventions based upon the principles of learning theory to increase desired behaviors, decrease inappropriate behaviors, teach new skills (language skills, cognitive skills, social skills), and generalize skills to new situations.

Our center based services are provided at our office by therapists who are trained and experienced. The programs are developed and constantly monitored by our BCBA. Center based programs provide the advantage of constant supervision and the opportunity to update programs and answer questions on as needed basis. We offer both part time and full time options for our center based programs.


Trained & Experienced Staff


Programs are constantly monitored by BCBA


Questions answered on a needed basis


Full time & part time options for center based programs

Parent implemented program:

Following the initial evaluation, goals are developed and intervention plan is developed. We provide an initial training session with the parents after which they are required to implement the intervention strategies. Regular sessions can be scheduled (if schedules work out) or weekly tapes of parent – child sessions can be mailed to us and written feedback is given. A minimum of one hour per month of direct training is required if the parents choose the videotaping avenue.


Our groups are structured around core concepts and scheduled in 3-month sessions. Each weekly session targets specific concepts and, at the end of each session you can enroll in the next level group for the same core concept or a different concept group.


Conversation Challenge

Day of week: Monday
Time: 4-5

  • Working on conversational skills
  • Initiating, maintaining conversations
  • Asking and answering questions on topic
  • Making comments


Friendship Forum

Day of week: Monday
Time: 5-6

  • Working on skills needed to be a good friend
  • Listening and remembering what our friends say
  • Making “people’s files” and learning how to use them

Organization Station

Day of week: Tuesday
Time: 4-5

  • Working on organizing workload and activities (checklists, keeping up with binders, homework, etc.)

Just Finish It!

Day of week: Tuesday
Time: 5-6

  • Completing work independently and in timely manner
  • Time management

Can’t talk this!

Day of week: Monday
Time: 4-5

  • Reading and using nonverbal communication/body language
  • Nonverbal skills



Focus Zone

Day of week: Wednesday
Time: 4-5

  • Paying attention to teacher during instruction time
  • Paying attention to and following multistep group instructions needed to complete school work or projects

Get on the Note Boat!

Day of week: Wednesday
Time: 5-6

  • Taking notes from teacher/lecture

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